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We are an independent insurance broker writing all lines of insurance for you, your family and your business.


We know how confusing insurance options and terminology can be. We have our own home, auto, earthquake and life insurance just like everyone else, so our job is to break it all down into simple English and explain your coverages and options.

Be Prepared For a Claim, Before There Is a Claim!

No one plans to have a claim, but it happens. And it's no time for surprises. We help you understand and choose the right coverages and deductibles so if a claim occurs, you'll know what to expect.

We Find You the Best Prices

We shop multiple companies to get you the best price! Then we secure the best coverage for the price that fits your budget.

Fast & Friendly Service

When you call during office hours, you'll get a friendly voice within seconds, not a machine or a voice menu full of prompts. When you text, email, or fax us, you'll usually hear back in 10 minutes or less!

Family Owned & Operated

Doctor & Doctor Insurance? It's not medical insurance; it's our last name! Marcie, Len, and Scott Doctor not only own the place, they're right in the middle of the action all day, every day, to give you that personal touch.

Doctor & Doctor Insurance

Your prescription for protection.